Yellow Field Technologies is a Mac, iPhone & iPad development company based near Aberdeen, Scotland.

We have developed a number of applications, including iSMARTtrain and MyZones. We are also available for contract work.


2 Responses to About

  1. Paul Parlevliet says:


    Could you provide an update on any develeopment for the ANT+ solution that was proposed for a Windows platform.

    My son does some serious training on his indoor trainer and I am looking for a solution that would allow him as well as his coach to easily see all the current data whilst training.

    Whilst I am dreaming of you guys providing a solution soon, it would be great id the data could be saved and exported to CSV. Some of the other nice to haves would be to include an Interval Timer where you could program in the warm ups, efforts and recovery intervals and warm downs and as power can be calculated from speed on some fluid trainers this would provide more data.

    Imagine how this could be used in a gym, Wahoo ANT+ senders on upto 4 stationary bikes all being picked up and displayed on a screen, who would need a Watt bikeif you coudl do that.


    • stuart says:

      The ANT+ application is in the final stages of beta testing for the Mac platform. Once that’s complete, we’ll look at a windows version. We’ve also got a similar app in development for the iPad, which uses the Wahoo Fitness Fisica ANT devices.



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